How to Make Money Blogging Tip 1 – Interesting Writing Is Interesting Reading

The explosion of online content that has occurred over the last decade has opened up so many opportunities to those who take advantage of them. With broadband internet, wireless technology and mobile computing, there have never been more ways to make money on the internet.

For those who wish to make money blogging, this article will explore one of the key factors for your success. The first key to really turning your blog into a traffic and revenue generator is to make it interesting. That’s the foundation of how to make money blogging: if your writing is interesting and captivates your audience, it will begin to generate income.

Sounds so simple, right? Well, the truth is that while interesting writing is critical to your efforts to make money blogging, it is a bit more difficult than it sounds. It has to be, or else everyone would be a millionaire writing about anything, wouldn’t’ they?

So exactly what does it mean, “Interesting writing is interesting reading?” Well, there are three basic essentials to making your blog interesting.

Essential #1 – Your blog Must be Interesting to you

Perhaps the most essential aspect of how interesting writing can help you make money blogging is the idea that what you write about should be fascinating to you. The best writers write about what they love. And the best writing is born from love and excitement about something.

So when you choose to create a blog, pick a general topic that is something about which you’re passionate. If you are interested in writing about politics, and politics is something you find fascinating, you are much more likely to convey that excitement to your reader and get them excited about it too.

Essential #2 – Write for people

We won’t go into how good a writer you may or may not be. This is hard to quantify anyway. And besides, even if you really aren’t very good, over time, with practice, you’ll get better. Especially if you follow essential #1.

However, no one will ever make money blogging by simply spinning somebody else’s work, or paying a non-native writer to try and write in your language or to simply throw a bunch of keyword phrases onto the page and hope Google ranks your blog.

Write your own blog. Take the time to think it through, spell check it, proof read it and take it seriously. Yes, you want to optimize the blog entries for search results, but don’t do so obviously. If your readers can’t understand or are annoyed by your writing, no one will participate or refer anyone else. And if it’s crap writing, you’ll get crap results from Google, yahoo and Bing.

Essential #3 – Original Work

This is a short but important essential for your goal to make money blogging. DO NOT copy others’ work. Don’t spin articles, don’t cut corners. Original content carries so much more weight because it comes from the heart, the head and conveys your true effort and desire to please the readers.

The trick to make money blogging is to put forth a real effort. Interesting writing comes from a real solid effort. When you do the work, you’ll see the results. It can’t be so very easy to make money blogging or everyone would do it, as we mentioned above. When you take the time to pick a topic that is interesting to you, write blog entries that are compelling and meant to stimulate the reader and write them from scratch, you’ll not only get more traffic and more readers, you’ll create a solid foundation on which a thriving income can be created.