Online Reiki Course to Teach Healing Through Energy

An online Reiki course might sound like a bit of an oxymoron. Is not the whole point of reiki the use of touch to promote healing? Is not the use of reiki supposed to be guided by a master who is physically present, and who can help you learn how to use your skills by teaching you personally? An online Reiki course seems to contradict those claims, and may seem like a scam – but you would be surprised. So read on, and prepare to learn something about the field of Reiki.

To answer this question, let us look at what Reiki is, versus what it is claimed to be. Some of its greatest and oldest practitioners consider Reiki to be based in spiritual energy. They claim to be able to take this energy from the atmosphere around a person and to use this energy in connection with the patient’s in order to help them.

Reiki is based on the idea that a human being has certain energy centers in their body, called ‘ki’ centers, which, if the person falls ill, or suffers some debilitating condition, are blocked by the pain. A body in pain is analogous to a dam, accumulating water, while cracks appear in the dam walls. Online reiki courses work by teaching you how to help a person re-align their ‘ki’ centers – which is the aim of all reiki practitioners. Such blockage is mostly caused by stress.

Good reiki practitioners know how to drive healing power to clear out the obstructions caused by stress, keeping the energy flowing thereby.

Recent teaching methods developed by reiki teachers have enabled the acquisition of reiki knowledge to take a much shorter time than before. There are reports of people learning 3 levels of Reiki practice within 3 days, completing their training within three months. Thus the online reiki course, that promises results online in a short amount of time, is not a myth. It exists, and is as useful as conventional reiki teaching in imparting the knowledge and results of the same.

Moreover, many major reiki masters deem it possible that distance learning of Reiki is entirely possible, thereby obviating the need for teachers and students to meet one-on-one. As this type of reiki instruction implies that distance learning of Reiki is possible, it is the basis of the proliferation of online Reiki courses. So far from being uncertified, these courses are based on the latest school of thought in reiki teaching, which argues that a pupil does not need to be in direct contact with the reiki master in order to learn the methods of reiki.

Therefore if you were hesitant about choosing an online Reiki course over a personalized, face-to-face course, do not be hesitant for a second longer. Reiki can be just as efficaciously taught online as personally.